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Let's design your journey together


Carnet de Voyage is a local travel agency based in Jaipur. We specialize in creating well curated and organised travel experience for the 'curious wanderers'. The agency stemmed from Eleonore Gaspa's passion of travelling and always being on a lookout for unexplored places, traditions and practices unique to certain regions and exciting off-beat activities!    

Eleonore is a French entrepreneur who has been living in India for more than 5 years. She is successfully running the eco tourism operator called Cyclin'Jaipur which she co-founded in 2014 in the capital of Rajasthan.


As an experience provider, Carnet de voyage is her attempt to provide an authentic and refreshing feel of India far beyond the monotonous touristic trails. Being foreign to India herself she understands what the guests concerns could be and what gets them excited. The enthusiasm of our joyful local team about showcasing the best of India, almost always rubs off on our guests. 


Authentic Experiences and responsible tourism

New age travelling is about immersive and participatory experiences of a place and people. Our tours are built around this core idea and strive to create a positive impact on the environment.

Experience the local culture on a cycle tour in the old city, trek the walls of an ancient fort, blockprint your own textiles in traditional workshops, abseil the canyons of Goa, explore the iconic slums of Mumbai, slow down in an eco desert stay in Rajasthan and get a feel of what real India is.


"There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place." Working on curation gives meaning and brings excitement to our work. It definitely reflects in our trips.

Balanced trips

We understand that you will be wanting to experience a lot in a short span of time. This is addressed in the design of our trips, ensuring an active journey without feeling burnt out at any stage.

Flexibility in planning

People have different travelling styles and we like to cater to one's individual needs. You could choose from our ready made tours with the scope of customization or build your own itinerary from scratch with our consultancy. We only manage a handful of trips at a time to give you the full attention you need.

Hassle-free trips 

India can be overwhelming at times. With our local team always there to assist you, take a back seat and enjoy!